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20th April 2019 Latest News

Guiding Dialysis Patients Through Interactive Film


Creating an informative video for people with end-stage kidney disease

From the results of the MADE Study, the CNARTS (Central Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service) Clinical Research Group is hoping to create an informative video for people who have just been diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease.

When patients are told they’ve exhausted all other options and require dialysis, they are in shock, realising how their life is about to change and they miss vital information given to them at that time.

With support from The Hospital Research Foundation Group (CCH) and the Centre for Creative Health (CCH), the team is working on creating an informative video for dialysis patients containing all the relevant and new information they will need to begin their dialysis.

“We are hoping this video will help navigate patients through the different pathways they will likely face when beginning dialysis,” Dr Le Leu said.

“We are planning on including helpful tools for them like introducing some of the staff they will be in contact with, what new dialysis patients will be expecting and who will be helping them during this difficult time. We are also hoping to include links to take them to informative websites.

“Importantly patients will also be sharing their “lived experience” of this transition and so we’re using existing patient knowledge to help new patients.

“Thanks to the support from THRF and CCH, we are aiming for this video to be completed later on this year so we can be as supportive as possible for these patients whose lives change completely when they begin dialysis.”