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Giving Back to a Cause Close to Her Heart

Eleni is determined to help eliminate kidney disease and diabetes and raised $1,500!

Eleni's fundraising

"Eleni hosted a high tea, raising $1,500 for KTDRA"

It wasn’t difficult for passionate advocate Eleni to decide she would host a fundraiser to support KTDRA!

Eleni is determined to help eliminate kidney disease and diabetes, holding a high tea fundraiser in June this year with her close friends, raising $1,500!

For Eleni, raising funds for KTDRA is a cause close to her heart. Her late grandfather suffered type 1 diabetes and she sadly lost a dear friend Debbie to kidney failure in her early 20’s in the 1990s.

“Unfortunately, towards the end of his life my grandfather went blind as a side effect from the diabetes and passed away at the age of 80,” Eleni said.

Eleni also watched Debbie suffer from diabetes and kidney failure. Unfortunately, after two kidney transplants, Debbie could no longer handle the harsh reality of a life consumed by dialysis and daily injections.

“Back then they didn’t have the technology or medical advancements they have today. Debbie was living a poor quality of life so she decided to stop all treatment,” Eleni said.

“I was travelling at the time so I found out she passed away when I returned home. I was devastated because I never got the chance to say goodbye. It was a sad case of Debbie being born at the wrong time for what she had. Renal failure and diabetes was relatively new back then. If she faced this issue today she would still be here.”

With her grandfather and Debbie in mind, Eleni is now planning another fundraiser for next year, with a focus on involving the community.

“Fundraising is about giving. It’s about bringing the community together and supporting important causes like KTDRA. I want to help end the heartbreak and suffering for people who find themselves in the same state of health like Debbie or my grandfather.”

If you would like to hold a fundraiser and contribute to eliminating kidney disease and diabetes, please call us on 08 7002 0840 or email [email protected].