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About Us

We support and raise funds for medical research aimed at developing new therapies to enhance organ transplantation and to treat diabetes and kidney disease. The goal is to eliminate these diseases, which represent two of the fastest growing chronic conditions in Australia and around the world.

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Who We Are

Diabetes affects 4.9% of the total population or an estimated 1.2 million Australians. Chronic kidney disease is also on the rise, impacting 1 in 10 Australians. Tragically, it is often called a ‘silent killer’ because many people are unaware they have the condition until it is in advanced stages.

Kidney, Transplant & Diabetes Research Australia (KTDRA) is proud to support ground-breaking translational medical research that is helping to improve the lives of our family and friends impacted by these diseases.

By supporting vital clinical and laboratory research we are gaining a greater understanding of the diseases as well as taking a leading role in the development and delivery of more effective therapies and improved care to patients with kidney disease, diabetes and those who need organ transplants.

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Our Group

Kidney, Transplant and Diabetes Research Australia (KTDRA) is part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

With your support we can make even bigger strides in the fight against these chronic, life changing and often life-limiting diseases and provide better health and wellbeing for all in our community.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group supports over 50 areas of medical research and patient care and fights for cures, better treatments and improved care in our hospitals.

For every $1 you donate to KTDRA, we provide over $5 in grants to lifesaving research and patient care! This is because our administration costs are covered by The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s commercial business activities, which allows more funds to go towards research and patient care each year.

This means your support of KTDRA has an event bigger impact.

About the Group
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Our promise to you

  • KTDRA Treatment Icon Privacy Always respect your privacy and never share your data with any other charities.
  • KTDRA Donate Icon Feedback Welcome your feedback at all times.
  • KTDRA Fundraise Icon Contact Keep you updated on the impact and outcomes of your support, in the manner in which you prefer.
  • KTDRA Statistics Icon Transparency Be open and transparent with how your gifts are used, and use them carefully and cost effectively as you intend.
  • KTDRA Awareness Icon Thank you. Always say thank you, no matter how big or small your contribution.
  • KTDRA Detection Icon Trust As proud members of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, we are required to adhere to the FIA Code of Conduct, in place to raise standards of conduct across the fundraising sector.

Our Charities

The Hospital Research Foundation Group has many charities – giving you the choice to support an area of research or patient care that matters most.


Our People

We are passionate about supporting world-class medical research to find cures and improve care for families here in Australia and around the world.

Our People
Our Financials

Our Financials

We understand the importance of trust and transparency to our supporters. Please find our Annual Reports which include our audited financial statements.

Our Financials
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Board & Governance

Our Board members are responsible for the overall governance, management, and strategic direction of the organisation.

Board & Governance

Help Fight Diabetes & Kidney Disease

Your kind donation today will support lifesaving research and patient care projects that are vital in our fight against diabetes and kidney disease.

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  • Leave a gift in your Will

Together with your help, we can make a lasting and meaningful contribution to the health and wellbeing of our loved ones, the community and future generations.

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